About Prokay Communicatons

Prokay Communications, LLC is the publisher of high quality publications with a professional design and in full color on glossy paper. Not only does Prokay Communications publish THE MAP & RELOCATION GUIDE™ for multiple cities across the country, but also publishes high quality football magazines that covers Clemson University and the University of Georgia. 

Our goal and objective at Prokay Communications is to be “The Source for Vital Relocation Information”. We accomplish this by providing the most accurate, concise and reliable information for families and corporate transferees before, during, and after the home buying process. Each market is customized and designed with the input of local Real Estate Brokers to meet your essential needs. You will find information on Education, Health Care, Utilities, City and County information, Places of Interest, Regional Recreation and much more!

NEWCOMERUSA.COM™ serves as the host site for many of the largest Metropolitan Areas across the country. These Metropolitan Areas are represented by a central and familiar domain name such as DenverNewcomer.com, SanDiegoNewcomer.com, TriangleNewcomer.com etc…. and may contain vital information for up to six counties. These central domain names linked to NEWCOMERUSA.COM.

NEWCOMERUSA.COM contains all the information found in THE MAP & RELOCATION GUIDE™ publication plus expanded editorial coverage and links to vital and essential websites. THE MAP & RELOCATION GUIDE is published annually for each market. THE MAP & RELOCATION GUIDE is the first point of reference that prospective homebuyers receive from their Agent, Realtor or Relocation Specialist.

Prokay Communications has been in business for nearly fifteen years. We are committed to quality, integrity and honesty in all that we do. Whether moving across town or to another state, NEWCOMERUSA.COM and THE MAP & RELOCATION GUIDE provide you with some of the most accurate and complete information available today